May 5, 2018

The Meaning of My Public Statement Relative to David Walker

David Walker, with whom I have had a working relationship and friendship for over 16 years, asked me to provide a statement to be included on his web site relative to his candidacy for Governor of Connecticut. I agreed to do so because I respect him greatly and he is the only candidate with whom I have had a sustained and long-term working relationship.

Public Statement

The statement has been presented verbatim on his web site and included in a press release.  It was designed to speak for itself and communicate nothing more or less than what I wrote.

The headline and text of a press release and the articles written about the release stretched its interpretation beyond what I intended.

Dave’s platform, his character, and his skills give him many of the prerequisites for a great candidate and for serving as Connecticut’s Governor.  However, I did not characterize him as the “best candidate” for Governor because it is too early to make that judgment.

Dave has grown and adapted quite well since he began his campaign and I am optimistic that he will continue to do so, but I do not believe in prejudging how he or anyone else will respond to the rigors of what will undoubtedly be a hard-fought campaign.

In most instances, the collective wisdom and judgment of the voters is the best way to decide which candidate best captures what they believe the State needs.