Let’s Get on with Solving our Health Crisis the Right Ways

Although the Obamacare legislation and the regulations issued by the Obama administration are misguided in major respects, including the structure of the health insurance system, the move to accountable care systems and the eventual payment of healthcare providers for delivering better health at lower cost is an extremely welcome development.  We must pay healthcare providers and every other stakeholder for making all Americans as healthy as possible and, even more importantly, providing the wellbeing that enables them to fulfill their human potential as individuals, families and communities. 

Making this transition will not be easy for two reasons:

What needs to change?

The work environment can also be a source of stress that causes chronic diseases to take root, of repetitive trauma disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, of musculo-skeletal conditions that result from too much sitting, lifting, bending, or standing, of violence, or of obesity from unhealthy foods and beverages.

Employers can make or break the health of an employed population.  They have to be part of the solution.

We are inching in the right direction in many respects.  Over the last four decades, we have demonstrated the ability to tackle big, seemingly unsolvable health-related problems:

We can solve our health crisis!

However, the federal government is engaged in too much self-destructive conflict and gridlock.  As Americans, we deserve better!