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Mobility and Access

As past CEO of Pitney Bowes and Dossia; and board member of Eaton Corporation, I have developed a keen interest and strategic outlook on global transportation and mobility issues.

My work in transportation has ranged from practical, lower cost strategies to increase transportation capacity, such as increased rail station parking access, broader use of intelligent transportation strategies, increased use of telecommuting and technologies that reduce the need for travel. 

I also drove Pitney Bowes’ transition to e-commerce strategies that increased online commerce and reduced unnecessary travel by automobile to engage in face-to-face retail transactions.    At Pitney Bowes, I accelerated our customers’ transition to remote retail transactions to avoid trips to the retail post office for postage purchases and postage meter replacements. 

My efforts at sustainability started in the late 1980’s when I led a “zero discharge” effort at Pitney Bowes to reduce hazardous emissions, eliminated PCBs and underground oil storage tanks, and embarked on leading-edge recycling programs.  I also drove product redesign efforts to enable parts and packaging recovery to reduce waste streams. 

As a CEO, I successfully advocated changes in postal regulations that reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from unnecessary trips to the post office, and e-commerce transactions that reduced the incidence of face-to-face retail transactions.  I also successfully advocated increased rail station parking capacity that reduced single-occupant vehicle travel in Southern Connecticut. 

As a member of the Eaton Corporation Board of Directors, I am part of a company focused on power management that reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas and other hazardous emissions. 

As a CEO of Dossia, I have advocated the use of technologies that enable telemedicine and unnecessary trips to doctor’s offices and hospitals.

My Transportation Partners include:

Flex+Strategy Group
Regional Plan Association
Business Council of Fairfield County

Blogs related to transportation
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There are many other small steps we could take to reduce this capacity-demand gap, most of which would cost far less than the major highway construction projects we cannot readily afford with our current financing methodologies. 
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This outlines my perspectives regarding the transportation system both here and abroad.
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