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Perhaps the best way to describe me is that I have gravitated toward the “road less traveled” in my choices.

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I have purposely described my focus as “learning,” rather than “education.”  There are several reasons for this:

In essence, education in schools, colleges, universities, and online or adult courses is one way for us to learn, but not the only way.  By focusing on learning, I am showing individuals the way to fulfill their potential, regardless of whether they are in an educational institution, or even have access to one. I will also show that overemphasizing educational accomplishment actually retards innovation and the development of our societies.

This blog will be a showcase for learning approaches, some of which are done in educational settings, but some of which are not.  I will also focus on educational reform initiatives, the goal of which is to stimulate learning outside the educational system, as opposed to confining it within the educational system.

I have been an advocate and funder of lifelong learning and education programs, including participation on a major charter school board.

As a CEO for Pitney Bowes and a member of various research and advocacy groups, I have supported mixed-use, transit-oriented community development strategies.  I have also focused on practical human capital development strategies to rethink how to prepare individuals with low and moderate skills to participate in the new economy. 

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Books and Resources

"The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning"
by Kevin Carey
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