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I believe strongly in empowerment for career readiness and access. I have focused in blogging on five ways in which we can give everyone greater access to the careers of their choice:

I will periodically write blogs or, in other ways, provide financial support for organizations that address these issues.  Generally, if given a choice, I will refuse to contribute to a candidate who strongly advocates much higher minimum wages, because promoting higher minimum wages is philosophically so at odds with what I believe that I have to wonder about the candidate’s values.

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"Learning by Doing: The Real Connection between Innovation, Wages and Wealth"

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What the American Dream is all About
January 11th, 2015: The essence of the American Dream is that each of us has the ability to define success in ways that satisfy us. 

Coping with new employment environment
The main point of the article is that individuals need to rethink their strategies for securing new employment, and, in many instances, need to accept a lower-paid position in a different kind of organization with a different career path, compared wi

The Mildly Crazy Mind of an Entrepreneur
What people who question entrepreneurs do not understand is that entrepreneurs do not simply adopt established market ideas.  They mix and match ideas from multiple sources to create something new and different. 

Creating jobs by eliminating entry barriers to them
I had previously understood the excessive licensing requirements states impose on professions that can be available to people without 4-year college degrees.

The Decline of the Middle Class. Is the Middle Class worse off?
Many thoughtful Americans have commented that a significant drop in the Middle Class population is a bad outcome for a representative democracy.

Rapid increases in minimum wages: a bad idea for the people they are trying to help
The widening gap between what many Americans need for an acceptable standard of living and the income they are able to secure is a real problem, and I empathize with those who struggle every day to pay bills.

Higher minimum wages: gentrifying the job market
Most of those who are poor and disadvantaged before one of these laws are enacted remain that way afterwards.  In fact, they often are in a worse position as a result of the law's unintended consequences.

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