Empowerment Topics

Health and Healthcare IndustryHealth and Healthcare Industry
My leadership in the health and healthcare industry is a result of the best-in-class health program developed at Pitney Bowes while I was CEO; and the innovative personal health platform created during my time as an entrepreneur leading Dossia.

Diversity and InclusionDiversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion have always been an integral part of my professional values. This perspective has impacted my life as a CEO, attorney, board member, and film producer.

Thoughts on LeadershipThoughts on Leadership
I have given a great deal of thought on what leadership strategies and styles drive disruptive and positive innovation and transformation in an organization, a community, or an industry. 

Mobility and AccessMobility and Access
Governor’s Commission on the Reform of the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Access to a LivelihoodAccess to a Livelihood
I believe strongly in empowerment for career readiness and access. I have focused in blogging on five ways in which we can give everyone greater access to the careers of their choice

Citizen Engagement and EmpowermentCitizen Engagement and Empowerment
Virtually every country starts with an aspiration to give power to its people, but, over time, those who believe they are wiser, morally superior, or stronger take more power away from the people. Left unchecked, even democratic governments encroach on t

Learning and EducationLearning and Education
I have been an advocate and funder of lifelong learning and education programs, including participation on a major charter school board.

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