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The under appreciated problem of everyday violence around the world - July 2014
October 12th, 2015: Every once in a while, I am fortunate to read a book that presents a set of insights that I am surprised I did not understand previously. Moreover, the author describes a problem that is not well-understood or well-appreciated by well-educated, well-mean

Thank you, Sheila Bair - September 2013
October 12th, 2015: We are observing the five-year anniversary of one of the most tumultuous months in American economic history, September, 2008, when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and in which the entire developed world narrowly avoided..

Henry Ford may have been right, but his insight is irrelevant. - June 2014
October 12th, 2015: Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer gave a persuasive, but ultimately misleading, TED lecture in the attached video clip in which he makes the argument that reducing tax rates on the rich does not increase job creation, and tthat reducing income inequality is

Pitney Bowes World Headquarters Sale - September 2013
October 12th, 2015: I applaud Pitney Bowes’ recent decision to sell its World Headquarters. In fact, I wish I had made it years ago. The Pitney Bowes World Headquarters was designed in the early 1980’s,

The Decline of the Middle Class - August 2013
October 12th, 2015: As we celebrate Labor Day, there are many op-ed pieces being written about the decline of the American middle class, particularly the “blue collar” jobs that enabled tens of millions of Americans, including workers like my Dad,

Higher minimum wages: “gentrifying” the job market - March 2014
October 12th, 2015: Over the years, I have met many elected officials, more often than not, Democrats who, from a combination of wanting to make peoples’ lives better through laws and regulations and resentment against successful people, advocate sweeping changes to “red

Performance enhancing drugs: what can we do - August 2013
October 12th, 2015: Given the recent suspensions of 13 Major League Baseball players as a result of the Major League Baseball investigation of the Biogenesis Clinic, I re-read a most insightful book called The Juice, written by baseball radio talk show host Will Carroll..

The Flawed Congressional Budget Office Report on the Effects of Minimum Wage Increases - February 2014
October 12th, 2015: The Congressional Budget Office (“the CBO”) published a report on February 18, 2014, with its estimates of the effect of a federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10. The headlines from the Report would appear to support the finding that the

“Crowd funding” for From the Rough - Jun 2013
October 12th, 2015: Yesterday, I went live on a campaign to promote From the Rough through the Indiegogo “crowd-funding” site. You can view and contribute at http://igg.me/at/FromTheRoughMovie/x/3364292

The Sharing Economy - Jun 2013
October 12th, 2015: Today, there is a steady, inevitable growth of what many commentators refer to the “sharing economy.” The most wellknown example of replacing sharing for ownership of a vital asset is..

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