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The Meaning of My Public Statement Relative to Dave WalkerThe Meaning of My Public Statement Relative to Dave Walker
March 9th, 2018: Dave’s platform, his character, and his skills give him many of the prerequisites for a great candidate and for serving as Connecticut’s Governor. However, I did not characterize him as the “best candidate” for Governor because it is too early.

Common Sense Physical and Sports FitnessCommon Sense Physical and Sports Fitness
January 16th, 2018: As I have announced on the From the Rough Facebook page, two cable TV networks have secured the rights to broadcast our film, BET Network and The Golf Channel.

Why Those Who Favor More Regulation are Repeatedly Disappointed by What HappensWhy Those Who Favor More Regulation are Repeatedly Disappointed by What Happens
December 21st, 2017: Regulations that micromanage how marketplaces, people and organizations achieve goals are most likely to have perverse consequences, as opposed to regulations that set goals and leave the details to marketplace forces.

The Gifts That Open Life’s Biggest DoorsThe Gifts That Open Life’s Biggest Doors
December 18th, 2017: Over a lifetime, I have received and given many Christmas gifts. I have often thought about which ones had the most lasting impact and, if so, why. I have concluded that the two most impactful gifts I received came from my parents at the 1955 and 1956

Adaptability is the #1 Success Factor TodayAdaptability is the #1 Success Factor Today
December 11th, 2017: Adaptability is far more important in talent evaluation than it was when I was promoted to be Pitney Bowes Chairman and CEO in 1996, because the Board prioritized adaptability to both known and unknown challenges over more traditional “qualifications".

Who Should Benefit or Profit from the Use and Sale of Your Data?Who Should Benefit or Profit from the Use and Sale of Your Data?
November 29th, 2017: There have been a number of recent stories about ownership of personally identifiable data, as a result of a court case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on November 29, 2017, Carpenter vs. United States.

What Matters Most for SuccessWhat Matters Most for Success
November 24th, 2017: Although we may have equal “opportunity” to succeed in life, some of us have advantages that arise from the family and community circumstances in which we grow up.

Reflections about Pitney BowesReflections about Pitney Bowes
November 10th, 2017: At this time of year, I reflect most about Pitney Bowes, since I regularly attend the Oval Club event, which is held on a Friday night in November at close to the anniversary date of the company’s beginning of operations.

What is Success?What is Success?
October 9th, 2017: Most of us want to be recognized by people we respect for the contributions we have made to better the lives of others. However, let us always remember that our most lasting and important impact and success arises from the totality of our lives and the v

How Did Connecticut Become a Fiscal “Basket Case?”How Did Connecticut Become a Fiscal “Basket Case?”
May 2nd, 2017: Connecticut is a wealthy state with one of America’s most “educated” populations. However, the State is a fiscal basket case.

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