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We need walkable communities for mobility and access
February 14th, 2016: Too many American communities do a poor job providing mobility and access for elderly and disabled people

Healthcare is broken but fixable
February 10th, 2016: Our healthcare system is broken but it is fixable

February 7th, 2016: The complexity of political issues and the absence of countervailing forces gives more power to special interests

The Xerox AnnouncementThe Xerox Announcement
January 30th, 2016: Xerox' announcement of a split into 2 companies shows the challenge of reinventing a firm with a declining core business

A Relaunch of My Web Site- December 2015A Relaunch of My Web Site- December 2015
December 24th, 2015: As my family and I celebrate the holidays this year, we truly feel that we have gone through a rebirth from the many challenges we have faced in the past few years.

The Future of Passenger CarsThe Future of Passenger Cars
December 12th, 2015: Recently, I traded in my 10-year-old Lexus for another Lexus. If I keep my new car for the next 10 years, the next car I buy might be a self-driving or autonomous car.

A contrarian perspective on our so-called skills gapA contrarian perspective on our so-called skills gap
November 26th, 2015: Over the past few weeks, as I have thought about the issue of job readiness,

Limits on Presidential Power and Ways Around ThemLimits on Presidential Power and Ways Around Them
November 23rd, 2015: During President Obama’s recent interview with sports columnist Bill Simmons, he made quite revealing comments about his frustration with the limits of Presidential power.

We must pay more attention to high concentrations of risk
November 9th, 2015: Businesses have in-depth knowledge and core competency with respect to the markets in which they participate. 

Why Americans are Angry at Politicians
October 31st, 2015: The political party establishments, expert political commentators and the media are clearly bewildered by the staying power of anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders.

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